I love people — just LOVE them. 

I love traveling with my family and hanging out with them.  They are my favorite people, but after them I love girlfriends.  I love talking to them, hanging out with them and just doing life with them. 

Some of my best girlfriends live right around me and some are scattered across the map.  Some I met at church, kids events, or through friends.  Others I met through blogs and twitter.  They are all precious to me and I adore each of them.

Anne Jackson wrote about boundaries in our lives today in her post The Drawbridge where she quotes Nouwen. 

Boundaries.  I’ve never been really good with that and it’s cost me so much in the past.   If I meet you and like you, well, that’s it.   We’re friends and I just open up my life and my heart to you.  I assume that everyone wants to be friends and have a good time.  I assume everyone loves the Lord, loves to laugh and likes spending time with girlfriends.   I just jump into friendships with both feet — and land smack in the middle of the deep end of the pool. How’s that for mixing some metaphors.  

 I’m just not good at placing boundaries.  I’m getting better.   God has called me to ministry to and with women and I love this calling.  He’s also calling me to a more mature place in relationships.  I’m not loving that part.  I’m learning to take a deep breath before jumping in to a friendship and in that deep breath I ask God to affirm the friendship.  In that deep breath I ask God to reveal His will for this relationship.  In that deep breath I ask God for direction.

God has blessed me beyond measure with this call on my life and my heart.  I’m blessed to write for two incredible women focused groups.  One is Extraordinary Women and the other is the Girls Get Away Cruise . I’m blessed by the women I meet on these blogs and by the women I serve alongside. 

I’m blessed with lots of friends, but I’m not surrounded with them.  I’m blessed with wonderful friends, but I don’t see them much. It’s a season the Lord has me in.  It’s a season of growth and change. 

I’m learning to keep boundaries and still live outside the lines — not God’s lines, but man’s.   I want to experience the adventure of a life fully lived in Christ.  I want to be used by God in whatever way he chooses.  I want to reach beyond myself and grasp the reality of serving the indescribable,  un-tameable , magnificent God.  I want to live life by His will, not mine. 

 I’m learning to open my heart to friendships, but to proceed with caution.  I’m learning to trust God’s plan more and mine less.   My plans never seem to turn out the way I envision. 

As I travel this path of friendship and ministry, I am awestruck at the God who calls me to something that I so dearly love.

Where is God leading you?