Live Your Message with Jan Greenwood

Jan 7, 2021

Live your message. 

This is just one of the nuggets of wisdom that Jan shares with us.   Jan Greenwood is a humble leader who has scouted and booked some of the the most influential speakers of our time.  She was a key member of the Gateway Church,Pink Impact team (Jan's still with Gateway, just on a different team) and above all else, a follower of Jesus.

Her definition of grace my be my favorite ever  —
Grace is not just favor, the grace of God is defined enablement of God to do whatever He has called you to do. 

Jan shares her insight into how to begin a speaking career and how to grow that career.

Her wisdom of ‘start with what's in your hand and trust God” is one that we should all take to heart.  Start with what you have and trust God with the growth.  Start where you are and trust to lead you where He would have you to go.

I encourage all speakers to listen very closely to what she shares about how she scouted for new speakers.

“I looked for the fruit of their life” and ” I asked myself will she connect with my women. “
“Fruit of their life and connection.  Will this speaker connect with my audience.  “

Jan shares on what upcoming speakers can be doing:
Your online profile matters — this is where event planners are looking.
Use what you have and practice & live your message.

On working with event planners:
Be responsive and timely
the event planner is your friend and wants you to succeed.
consider your wardrobe –ask your event planner what is acceptable.
Remember, you are a guest.

On booking lesser known speakers for a big stage:

Renown is very helpful when you're doing a large conference, but it's not a qualifier.

Be hungry for God, mature in your faith, and servant hearted.

Trust NOT in your capacity but in God's anointing

Jan's website –
Grace-Giving Leader – pre-order

Meet My Guest

Jan Greenwood

Jan Greenwood is a leader. She began leading over twenty-five years ago as a wife and mom of four kids. At the same time, she was always working outside her home and serving in her local church. She’s held positions in the marketplace, owned her own business, been a fund-raising consultant for several Christian ministries and has even run a non-profit educational organization.

While battling breast cancer, she learned so much about how to contend for your future and live beyond your circumstances that she started a nonprofit of her own called More Ministries, and founded Brave Strong Girl, an on-line mentoring community where women help one another overcome what makes them feel weak and afraid.

For the past decade, she has been serving as a part of the pastoral team at Gateway Church, a multi-campus church in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex that has grown to more than 100,000 active members. For several years she served in the women’s ministry helping to direct a beautiful conference for women called Pink Impact. Today, she serves as a equipping pastor where one of her most important responsibilities is to help identify engage and disciple the next generation of leaders.

Jan has written two books of her own and collaborated on several others. She is passionate about leadership development and healthy female relationships.

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