You can’t lead by committee and you can’t live by committee.

I had a boss who used to tell me the first part all the time.  He didn’t mean I didn’t need a team to work with and support.  He just knew that I needed the courage to step out in confidence.

Standing on my own convictions and not leading by committee.   It’s that simple, but it’s something I struggle with daily.  It’s the people-pleaser in me.  I want people to like me and I want to please them  — I miss the mark, a lot.

I’ve been struggling with some things and I’ve polled people for their opinion only to get a wide array of answers.  It hit me today — it doesn’t matter what people think, I will do what God calls me to do. It’s that simple.

Does this mean I’ll never listen to another word spoke over me — no, not at all.  I cherish those friends who have the heart to speak up when I’m heading down a bad path or making questionable choices.  I NEED these people in my life.

When I say lead or live by committee, I’m talking about making sure everyone likes my idea to:

  1. paint the living room red
  2. cut my hair off
  3. change jobs
  4. pick  a new Bible study
  5. stop teaching on Wednesday night and begin a Monday night class outside of the church
  6. change the women’s retreat to a  girlfriends roadtrip

It’s not that I don’t value input, but some things are just between me and God.   I have to follow where He leads me.  Even as I write this I’m worried that some people will not like it.  That’s just life.

I do NOT want to march to the beat of someone else’s drummer

I do NOT want to stand still because I’m comfortable

I do NOT want to miss the blessing of stepping out in faith

I do NOT want to miss one second of God’s calling on my life

So, I ask you today….

Do you lead or live according to what God has for you or do you choose to double check everything with friends before moving forward on faith?