Just a few more weeks and 2008 comes to an end.  At the risk of sounding really old, where did the time go.  It seems that this year just started and poof! it’s over.

But before we get into the whole “let’s look back and reminisce” let’s focus on the shopping deals out there.

I’m hitting the stores on Black Friday for the first time in years.  My daughters think this is a great plan, I’m not so sure.  I’ve searched through the sale papers looking for the best deals — and I’ve found lot of them.  A Garmin GPS for half price, lots of tvs, cameras, and all things electronics.  Great deals on games for the young and old.  Super great prices on house stuff like blenders, mixers, microwaves and more (but I don’t think house stuff makes for great Christmas prizes, but more on that later).

But the one deal that I want to snag — the $9 stick vacuum — yep that’s the one thing I want!  But it comes in really cool colors.  Now, don’t get this wrong, I would love to have a new TV, a camera, and a Wii, but I just can’t make a good argument for those expenses.  A $9 vacuum?  I CAN make an argument for that expense.

As I plan for this shopping extravaganza I want to remember that God has given me a spirit of joy in this life.  I want to enjoy the day even if I don’t get my $9 vacuum… but I really need one and a bright green one would be great!  So I am claiming this verse from Romans.

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Romans 14:17

Peace and joy!  That’s what I want this Christmas season, all the rest is just trimmings, but peace and joy — that’s the real stuff! 

May your Friday and beyond be filled  with Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit!  

And for all those heading out to shop — good luck and save me a vacuum (bright green please)!