How is that for the most random title ever.  Although after being on the receiving  end of the bone graft, I pray this is the last time – ever.

I missed writing about two HUGE happenings as I was too medicated to post anything.  I was too medicated to do much more than drool as my head bobbed onto my chest — makes that little double chin a nice feature as it holds you up a bit.

On August 10th, my baby girl began the first day of her last year of school.  She’s a senior!  When did this happen and someone tell me why it happens so very fast.  As I thought about her last year of school I realized that just yesterday – or six years ago – her sister began her last day of school.  I’ve spent the last 19 years sending a child off to her first day of school. That’s 19 back-to-school shopping trips, school supplies, and meet the teacher days.

While 19 years is a long time, it flew by and I’m going to miss it next year.  So to keep the angst of my baby being a senior at bay, I decided the first day of school would be a fine time to have a bone graft.  Who ever thought this was a good idea?  Oh, right, it was me.

I sent my baby girl out the door for her VERY LAST FIRST DAY of school.  My VERY LAST FIRST DAY of school as a Mom.  I was more than a little emotional.  To top it off baby girl refused to pose for pictures – something about wanting to be on time and senior year is no big deal.  Maybe not to her, but it’s huge to her over emotional Mom.

As I watched her back drive off to her VERY LAST FIRST DAY of school, I scooped up my emotions, tabled all my angst and headed out to have my jaw cut open and a dead person’s bone dust added to my minimal jaw.  Apparently,  I have a super skinny jawbone.
Of all the things to be skinny – my jawbone?  Really.

After about two hours of sawing, drilling and yanking, I was finished and we headed home – my sweet hubby, me and my puffy face (with the extra jaw bone).  I proceeded to spend the next four days on the couch medicated as my face swelled.   I started thinking that my skinny jawbone wasn’t taking too kindly to the dead person bone dust, but it’s  settled down  and we’re all getting along just fine.

And yes, I know it’s called donor bone, but seriously, who do you think is donating?  Live people?  No, it’s from cadavers aka dead people.  I’m good with it.  I even asked the oral surgeon if I could request a certain type of bone donor.  He looked at me, paused a moment like maybe he’d never heard that question  and said ‘No.’  Then scribbled something on my chart.  How often do you get donor parts?  I just thought I might be able to pick up some talent –singing, drawing, painting, fancy doodling.  Seems that isn’t how the donor thing works.

What if you could add a donor talent?  What would you choose?