The Lord has taken my life and turned it upside down and around!  But it’s ALL good!  If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be writing the words “exit STAGE RIGHT” on a script for an awards show I would have LAUGHED at you.   After all last year at this time I’d just gotten home from the most amazing two week adventure with my dear friend Melinda.   We’d laughed, talked, laughed, prayed and laughed our way across a portion of old Route 66.  Twelve days of fun and adventure.  The trip was part book tour and part girlfriend adventure — which is perfect setup for the book God, Grace and Girlfriends.   We’d talked about her writing and my writing.  She was not interested in moving forward — I was ready to write another book.

Fast forward and Melinda is on day 207 or so in her daily devotional blog posts.  And if you’re not following her, you are missing out.  She is incredibly gifted with the written word and apparently very good with the daily writing thing.  (As opposed to her friend here who can barely get a post out every month…. but it’s the thought that counts right?)  And she’s not just tossing words on a page, she is pointing us to the Lord.  Every post is about our relationship with the Lord.

As for me?  I’m knee deep into two new endeavors — one is with my incredible Cruise job.  I’m in charge of business development — which means it’s my job to go out and create new cruises.  (I have an INCREDIBLE announcement about that coming up in a couple of weeks — but more on that later).

The second new thing I’m doing is writing the script for the KLove Fan Awards!


Amazing, I know!  I love how the Lord worked this all out.  I just happened to know of Missy Robertson and reached out to her <via facebook message — gotta love facebook> about being a part of the show — she wanted to see a sample of what they’d be doing as hosts.  I wrote the sample.  The producer of the show and the KLove people liked it and asked me to write the entire show.  All of it.  Whoa!  That’s a God thing right there!

So here I am just over a year after a book tour that I thought would launch me as a Christian author and speaker — and I’m writing a script for an awards show and working behind the scenes at my cruise job, and I couldn’t be HAPPIER!

Isn’t God just Amazing?!  He takes all of who we are, all of our experiences and uses them for His Good Purpose.  And it rarely turns out the way we think it will — or maybe that’s just me.

What about you?  Has God taken you down a new path?  OR is trying to get your attention and get you to MOVE to that new path?

Take it from someone who went KICKING and SCREAMING into the new thing — God’s plans are ALWAYS BETTER!  ALWAYS!