How many times have you said those words? I know they come out of my mouth more than I care to tell you. I was thrilled when my friend, Joanne Kraft asked me to review her new book, Just Too Busy: Taking your family on a Radical Sabbatical


I ‘met’ Joanne through her blog long before I got the chance to met her face to face. We were both speakers at a conference in Florida and what a blessing it was to actually get to hug this girl! We talked about her book and I knew that it would soon be in print – I was right. It’s a book you don’t want to miss.

Joanne takes us through her family’s journey from busy to blessed with humor and great suggestions for success. It’s a journey that both intrigued and challenged me – and I realized I was addicted to stress which Joanne talks about in the book.

It’s become accepted and almost expected to be super busy. Joanne (and her husband, Paul) led their family into a one year Radical Sabbatical. One year, four children, no afterschool activities – no soccer, baseball, voice, theater, nothing. For one year – oh my! My hat is off to this girl – and to her husband and children.

Through the book you’ll experience Joanne’s humor (this girl is funny) and God given insights into the cost of being too busy and the blessing of stepping out of the busyness.

You will fall in love with Joanne and her writing. Grab this book today! You can buy it here right now.


Are you looking for a great summer (or fall) Bible study – look no further. Joanne is offering a FREE (don’t you just love FREE) six week Bible study leader’s guide that you can download here. Grab a copy of Just Too Busy and start planning your Radical Sabbatical.