There’s a light on in the house across the street.  It seems to burn night and day — it’s my reminder.  The light reminds me to pray.  Not that I truly need reminding, the prayers are on my lips and my heart — daily, hourly and sometimes constantly.

In that house, behind that light is a friend — my friend, Pat.  She bounced into my life about 15 years ago.  I say bounced because that’s Pat — she is full of life, energy, and an amazing love for God! Pat & Don came to our church years ago & then moved in across the street.  We loved them both immediately. So did our girls.  Don gave our oldest a hard time and she loved it.  Pat just loved on them both.   One day I was talking with Paige, who was about six at the time,  about how you can see Jesus in some people and how we all want to live like that– with Jesus shining through.  She looked at me with her big blue eyes and said — “like Mrs. Pat.” Not a question, just a statement.

It was under Pat’s leadership and teaching that I dove into my first Beth Moore Bible study — and oh my!  I fell head over heels in love with the Word of God.   And I remember telling Pat I wanted what Beth had — not the stage or the followers, but the PASSION for Christ.  I knew then I’d speak and teach for the Lord, I didn’t know how but I knew He was calling me to His service.

Pat and her dear friend (and my dear friend, too) Donna served as my mentors when I was young in serving in ministry.  When I jumped headfirst into Women’s ministry they were there to guide me and to keep me from drowning in the work and my own pride.

Life happened and changes came, we moved churches so I wasn’t in Bible study with Pat.  We didn’t serve on committees together.  We drifted apart.  But there was always that comfort of knowing she was just across the street.

It was just a few weeks ago I got the phone call from Donna — ‘Mary, Pat’s sick.  It’s a brain tumor.’  The ground shifted.  I was truly shaken but I firmly believed it would be nothing.  I just knew the surgeons would go in and nothing would be there — a miracle.

God didn’t decide to work His miracle that way.  So now we are walking out this new thing with Pat.

I don’t know what the Lord has planned for her.  She’s shared a bit of what the doctors are saying and what statistics tell us – but we don’t live in a land of statistics.

As for Pat, she’s amazing — just as funny, bouncy and full of joy as ever.  She’s loving Jesus and laughing through the days.  And me, I’m still shell-shocked, but trusting God is God and He has great plans for this warrior of the faith.  I’m believing Him.

So when you look across your street at your neighbor’s house, please remember to pray for my neighbor, my friend Pat.