If you know me, then you know I LOVE reality TV, cruising, my man, my family and Jesus — and not in that order.

I also love my job — which I think I’ve established here and everywhere.  I love doing what I do and I love doing it with the people I do it with — and I love the new people I meet.

For the last several months I’ve been talking with these two brothers — they are such nice guys, you may know them from TV, Jonathan and Drew Scott.  The Property Brothers!  


I’m excited to share that we are doing the FIRST EVER Scott Brothers Cruise — Sailing with the Scotts: Ultimate Design Cruise!

Sailing with the Scotts


Now y’all know me — I just want to share everything.  Truthfully, I tend to overshare with people.  I find myself telling random strangers about my dog’s high blood pressure and recently diagnosed hypothyroidism — and trust me on this, most people are not interested.  And the not interested and blank stares do little to stop me from sharing.  So when I have news that people might actually be interested in — oh my, it’s hard to keep it in.  But I’ve kept it in when all I really wanted to do was SHOUT to all the INTERNET & on InstagramFacebookTwitterVineYouTubeVimeo-and-all-the-other-ones-I’m-not-cool-enough-to-know-about that I talked to Drew Scott on the phone!  But I didn’t.

Then I flew to Canada to meet Drew, Jonathan and their amazing creative director, Linda Phan — and I wanted to SHOUT again, but I didn’t.  I was all calm, cool and professional — well as professional as I can pull off.  I didn’t shout OH MY DOUBLE VISION BATMAN — it’s the SCOTT BROTHERS and then ask for an autograph and a picture — nope I didn’t but I thought about it. I did.  I just said hello and gave them both a hug. Then we talked business and ate good food.

I kept this all to myself — and the amazing team I work with — without them none of this would have happened.  I attribute my self control… well to God, He is truly the only power big enough to keep my mouth shut.

So, I’ll be back with more on A Heart Wide Open Christmas tomorrow, but I wanted to let y’all in on our latest cruise!!

Can you tell I’m a LITTLE excited about this one?

(I knew that one day all this TV watching would pay off… now if only I can get a Walking Dead Fan cruise!)