If you stopped by here today from New Hope Digital — thanks!   If you didn’t …well, thanks for coming however you found your way here! 

Today is December 14th — just 10 SHORT days until Christmas and I don’t have my tree up!  I know!  The decorations are in boxes and some of those boxes are still in the basement.  I tried to get them out but I got stuck between the boat and the wall.  It wasn’t pretty.  I managed to wedge my fanny between that big black outboard motor and the garage wall.  I shifted, wiggled, but I was stuck.  I was sort of dangling there with my head just inches from  floor and my rear end up in the air.  I started laughing.  Oh my!  I  finally wiggled free and then crawled out from under the boat.  I managed to snag one thing on my way out.

Truly, there is JOY in this world because of Christ’s sacrifice.  Even though my tree is not up, presents aren’t wrapped and cakes haven’t been baked — there is still JOY.  Jesus is the joy in this world.  That’s truly the meaning of Christmas.

I’m still going to get the tree up — but first I’m asking my sweet husband to move that boat.