Small town America loves sparkle & glitter – and a little healthy competition.  Say hello to Southern (and yes, that is capitalized) small town pageant.  The money spent on the dresses could knock a big ol’ dent in that federal deficit thing.  Not to mention the cost of hair, makeup and all those snazzy accessories, but we don’t have time to mess with those silly politics, we have a pageant to tend to.

I’ve never been in a pageant and my oldest girl never wanted to be in one either, but baby girl is all about this pageant.

This is anti-princess girl.  She does NOT do pink or Vera Bradley or anything remotely girly.  She doesn’t squeal or giggle.  She does have a sharp wit and a matching tongue, but I don’t know where she gets it.  And she LOVES the pageant.  She loves the dress, the stage, the fun – and that is my goal for her.  F.U.N.  If she’s not having fun, it’s a waste of time.

But back to the pageant.  This isn’t just a few girls in pretty dresses.  This involves months of work with full out Miss America worthy opening numbers, interviews w/ judges  (before the event)  cute dance routines and great guy routines (yes, the guys are in it – and they are FANTASTIC).

Two nights, 150 girls, tons of guys, lots of hairspray and girls constantly checking to make sure ‘they’ are still in their dress which involves all manner of tugging, pulling and lifting.

At the end of the whole she-bang we have a few girls with sashes,  a backstage literally coated in glitter, sequins and Big & Sexy hairspray, and lifelong memories of fun and the funny.

I’m sure some girls are ‘in it to win it’ but I know they miss out on the joy of the whole thing.  And sometimes it’s the Moms who are looking for that sash – they miss out too.

So don’t believe EVERYTHING you see on TV, there are a few pageants that are still fun, sweet and filled with darling girls and adorable boys.

Our small Southern town pageant is this weekend – and I’m ready to see the sparkle, the glitter, the dancing guys, and the prancing girls.  Let the fun begin!

dressrehearsal1 014

Pretty girls on stage


My adorable girl checking her zebra train last year!

Pageant 119

The boys are rocking it out!

Hope you have a wonderful & sparkly weekend!