I live a crazy, wild life and a part of it includes my work with Extraordinary Women. I blog, facebook, twitter and send up smoke signals, as needed. 

I love every single part of it from the facebook updates to taking pictures at the event.  I walk around with a camera in one hand, a cell in the other and a laptop tucked under my arm.   I take pictures, tweet, update  to facebook and praise & worship with all the women. 

I talk to people and hear their stories.  I meet extraordinary women — and I’m not talking about the speakers and musicians (they are wonderful, too).  I meet women who just come for a taste of God, just a touch from Him. 

It’s amazing to stand in the presence of so   many who are seeking God, who are looking to be set free and are ready lay it down at the cross.   It makes my soul truly rejoice.


I am honored to meet so many who are seeking the face of God.  Let each of us find the passion to serve the Jesus we love. 

Lord, let me  never take this for granted.  Let me always stand amazed!