I love cruising – and I LOVE cruising with Premier Christian Cruises.  It’s five days of  Christian music, fast new friendships, great food, beautiful ports, incredible speakers, and lots of fun.  I do work, but really it’s more fun than work. I have so much fun connecting with our guests and meeting them face to face. 

I love what I do – but it’s easy to forget that we have a much bigger purpose.  No matter what we do, we are representing Jesus.  Many of the crew on the cruise ship has never known a Christian and I may be the first Jesus follower to connect with this waiter, steward, or server.   It’s a sobering responsibility – we represent Jesus…. let that soak in for a few minutes.


Right now I’m sitting on the top deck of the ship  writing this blog post.  I’m on day three of my second cruise in two weeks, and it has been an incredible couple of weeks – fun, exhausting, and incredible.  I’ve witnessed amazing God moments, heard awesome stories of His grace and goodness, and stood in awe of my God who uses this cracked pot of a woman to do His work. 

I’ve seen crew members from countries where the Word of God is forbidden ask for Bibles.  I’ve heard the story of a well-known musician leading a crew member to the Lord. I’ve witnessed great joy and a bit of incredulity as I’ve handed CDs and DVDs to the crew members.  I’m overwhelmed that the Lord grants me such opportunities and I pray that I’m ALWAYS thankful in everything He calls me to do – the fun and the hard.

In all the fun and all the laughter, it’s still about the ONE and ONLY, the author and finisher of my faith, Jesus Christ.