Just a few days ago, I met with the publishing team  (I JUST love writing that, saying it, thinking it) about my new book.  I’m honored and greatly blessed to be working with New Hope Publishers.  Andrea Mullins along with Joyce, Randy, & Jonathan are an amazing team.  

But let me back up just a bit. I got a call a few weeks ago about this meeting.  Andrea called and we made the date.  She suggested I bring my calendar and be ready to share …. she probably told me what to be ready to share but I was so stinkin’ excited I don’t remember.  To let you in on a secret, I’m so excited about working with New Hope but I am trying to play it cool and not act like a star struck teeny bopper meeting her favorite boy band singer.

I showed up at the meeting ready to share…. something. We walked into a lovely conference room and I was seated at the HEAD of the table.  Now, I’m a girl who loves the spotlight (too much sometimes), but the HEAD of the big conference table is not the most comfortable place to be EVEN for my spotlight loving self. 

I met everyone and immediately felt comfortable and welcomed – it was and is a great feeling.  I was worried about what to share and found out they just wanted to know about me.  I’ll let you in on another secret, I’m not all the interesting but I’m blessed to do some interesting things and be involved with some very interesting groups. 

Then I got to listen to what they are looking for from me.  I think I held it together fairly well.  I didn’t squeal or jump up and clap my hands, repeatedly – oh but I wanted to.  I wanted to when Jonathan mentioned Twitter and needing authors to spend time on Twitter  (YIPPEE!  More reason to hang out on Twitter!) and Facebook. I almost hopped on that big conference table and did the happy Snoopy dance when Joyce said she thought my writing was relevant!!  I loved it when Randy told me he wants to do some podcasts and just wanted to shout with glee at Andrea’s ideas for quizzes. 

I just wanted to jump, shout, and clap my hands at everything, but I held it together – and I didn’t throw up or fall down.  So it that is always a win!

AND – the book is going to released in December 2011!  I can’t begin to tell you how much December means in the life of this work.  The month of December has been  month of GREAT change in my life for the last eight years. God has sent me down new paths and on grand adventures that have beginnings in the month of December.

I’m excited about this new path and no matter how cool and collected I may look like on the outside, I’m JUMPING for JOY and GIDDY with EXCITEMENT over this new path!  Cannot wait to see what’s next! 

Hope you’ll hang around for this ride!