Is Jesus Enough?

This question hit me like a runaway freight train.  I was just minding my own business and whamo – slamo I’m hit with this.

Well, minding my own business is a stretch for me on any day.  I was working through my next book. Plodding through chapter synopses, rewriting the overview, and plotting the structure when the question hit —

Is Jesus Enough?

My knee jerk is to say OF COURSE He is!! Because He is.   But then I started looking at my life.  I began to look at all the blessings surrounding me.  I looked around at the incredible ministry opportunities I’ve had and that I have.  I was in awe of a God who would use me!  But if all that went away tomorrow — Is Jesus enough?

The last few months have been tough ones in my speaking / teaching ministry.   I’ve not had any new bookings in some time.  It makes me question my calling — for a moment and then I remember He called me.  But what if I never speak to another group again — is Jesus enough?

I rolled that question around in my head for quite some time.  I pondered it, prayed over it and just thought about it.  Is Jesus enough?

If I’m never inside a circle of close friends again — but I have Jesus, is that enough?

If I never write another book, article or even blog post or facebook status — but I have Jesus, is that enough?

If everything stops today.  All ministry.  All small groups.  All friendships.  All family.  And it’s just me and Jesus.  Is that enough?

As I tossed this question around, I knew I wanted the answer to be ‘yes, He alone is enough.’   But I also knew I had to figure out if this is a truth in my life.   For  much of my life I’ve  said and done what is popular or accepted.  This time I needed to know only truth.  Not the popular, cool, Christian answer.  I had to know truth!

Was it enough to just be me and Jesus?

Would I be okay with that?

Would I survive and thrive with just Jesus and no more?

After hours of pondering, I can say YES!  He is enough.

So I ask you the same question I asked myself –

Is Jesus Enough?