Stop Guilting Your Audience to Give

Inspire them with Stories that Connect them to Your Purpose

That’s where I come in.

Working together let’s craft powerful stories that bring your brand to life. 

Your powerful stories can…

    • inspire your audience to join you in the journey
    • move your audience to support your cause
    • show the world your impact

Your stories aren’t in your P&L – they are in your people.

Projections. Fundraising. Donations. 

You probably hear these terms in presentations every single day, but this isn’t who you are. You are so much more than your data.

You are the organization that. . .

        • helped Ezra bring clean water to his village
        • funded Anjelina’s classroom after it was destroyed by the hurricane
        •  created safe houses for women at the border

Let’s tell your story!


Brand storytelling is one of the most powerful investments you can make as an organization.

Psychologist Jerome Bruner found people are 22 times more likely to remember details in stories rather than in facts and numbers.

Stanford University professor Chip Heath asked students to give one-minute speeches on non-violent crime. Most students presented data – about 2.5 statistics per speech. Only one student in 10 told a story. When Heath polled the students 10 minutes later, 63% remembered the stories, while only 5% could remember a single statistic.

A study in the Harvard Business Review found emotional connections are significant drivers of brand loyalty. They are also one of the best indicators of future customer value.

But how to choose the story that will make the biggest impact, and move your people into action, whether it’s donations, sponsorships, or brand loyalty.


Mary stepped in and helped us create an event and tell the story that showcased the work we do around the world. Mary’s guidance helping me craft a fundraising appeal wasn’t just practical it was so compelling that we exceeded our goal over $100K! Mary’s expertise made this happen.

Sami McDonald

Proverbs 31 Ministries
Director of Fundraising

Mary is a gifted communicator and excels at helping others unlock their ability to tell a powerful story.  Compassion has benefitted from Mary’s partnership and her expertise in helping others tell the story of God’s work through Compassion’s children and church partners.  I highly recommend using Mary in any and all of your communication needs.

Brian Seay

Director of Virtual Events & Partnerships
Compassion International

Mary knows how to craft a story, inspire and motivate people. She stepped in to help us revamp our website and the story of what we do & how we do it. Her insight and expertise were key in creating a website that tells our story and connects the heart of what we do with the women we want to reach.  If you want to tell the story about what you do and tell it so people listen, reach out to Mary today.

Tammy Whitehurst

Co-Owner & Director
Christian Communicators Conference

Mary R Snyder 


Mary is a storytelling veteran with over 20 years crafting, sharing and coaching in the art and science of story. 


Mary understands the power of a compelling story. She creates stories  that grow  revenue  while increasing supporter engagement and loyalty.


Mary’s story consulting has included major organizations, nonprofits, social brands, influential speakers, authors and influencers.

Book a call with Mary today to find out how you can create more impact with your stories.

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