The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference is amazing!  

My brain’s like a pinball machine on overdrive, bouncing with new ideas. And my voice? Let’s just say I’ll be miming for the next few days after all those riveting convos. 

But you know what’s truly special? This community. It’s like we’re one big family of changemakers – and I’m thrilled we’ve connected.

Are YOU ready to keep that storytelling spark alive?

I’ve got just the thing for your: Story Sparks, Prompts for the Big Three Stories. It’s like a treasure chest full of ideas, just waiting for you to unlock them and let your nonprofit’s story shine.

Ready to spark some new ideas! Let’s talk about leveraging your story for growth in your organization . Book that Spark Call today!

So, go on! Dive into the Story Sparks or book that Spark Call. Let’s keep setting the nonprofit world on fire with our amazing stories!