After careful review (aka a glance through blog titles) I realized I must seem incredibly confused to my blog readers.  It seems these past few months I’ve posted a lot about finding my way, following a new path, and finding God’s will for me and I sprinkled in some mean girl stuff, and there’s even a video blog of me!

As this blog evolves into …. who knows what, I’m making a promise to post more about the mundane stuff that is life.  I want to talk about that daily walk with God that sometimes trips me up.  I tend to be good in the big moments, the spotlight moments, the moments when I’m fully focused on God and His provision in my life.  It’s the day-to-day stuff that gets me.  It’s the easy stuff that trips me up.  The simple, the boring, the everyday.

But it’s in the everyday that I live.  I don’t spend much (okay, any) time in a spotlight.  I don’t have much drama in my life.  I live a wonderful life full of my family and friends.  It’s a fun place with little drama and less trauma.   I’m in an incredible place of peace and joy.  Now, let me add that it’s not all sunshine and roses, we have our struggles.  Money is tight, my salary was just cut… in half, but God continues to provide and He is my rock and my Salvation.  He is Jehovah Jireh — God who provides.

Where are you today?  Walking in a place of peace?  A place of confusion? or struggles?