I’m back! I have just completed the Walk to Emmaus. I’m home from 72 hours without phone, watch or email – can’t say that I missed them….at least not too much. Of the three, I probably missed the watch the most. There is something odd about not knowing the time. I missed talking with my sweet husband and I missed my girls. But overall, it was an amazing experience and definitely what I needed.

Over the three days I had an opportunity to focus on God and His grace and what it means in my life. I used the time to truly look at where God wants me and what He has planned for me. Do I now have all the answers? No, but He made some things a little clearer – and some things are still a little fuzzy. But God showed me that sometimes things are fuzzy for a purpose – just let it be. Wow that could be a song:
Let It Be,
Let It Be,
There will be an answer
Let It Be

Oh, wait, I think someone’s done that one. Oh well, I never claimed to be a songwriter. I’m the book writer.

As for the fuzzy stuff, I’m trying to understand that in this life of faith, I don’t always get to know everything — and I don’t always get to understand everything. I just trust in Him and know that He is in control and it’s by His grace that I’m here.

So, I’m home on day four and life continues on. My prayer is that I will take all that learned on the Walk to Emmaus and apply it in my life. I will remember to take time to soak up God’s grace, I will remember to love people where they are, and I will remember to continue to seek God’s will for my life.