Two weeks weeks.  Really two weeks and three days since the tornadoes slammed into my home state changing the landscape and the lives of so many. 

In those first few hours and days I desperately wanted to help but couldn’t find a place who needed my unique skills.  (Seems the need for a slightly sarcastic people pleaser is not in high demand during a disaster. Go figure.)  I reached out here and there and then over at that place and nothing.  Seems as if no one was interested in help – and there were LOTS of needs.  

I contacted several (read every single one I could think of and some that I’d never heard of before) groups with my information and an offer to help in whatever way was needed. 

The responses ranged from we’re good, we have it all under control to we’ve got it covered. And everyone of them felt like a we don’t need you message. 

I did finally find a place to serve- several places in fact, but I learned so much during those days of trying to help. 

How often does God reach out to me with ‘I’m here.  I WILL help you.  Just call on me.’ message?

My life looks like a tornado has ripped right through it and I don’t turn to Jesus because: 

 I’m good.  Everything looks like a mess, but I have it all under control. 

And what I’m really saying is:

Lord, I don’t need you. 

The people in the disaster areas, didn’t have it under control and they desperately needed (and still need) help.  They just didn’t know what they needed or if I could handle the need.

When I don’t turn to Jesus it’s often out of pride – I want to ‘handle it.’

I’m learning to go to Him first – He can handle any disaster, big or small.

Do you ever find yourself ‘handling ‘ your problems alone?