How to Have a Captivating Stage Presence

Apr 5, 2021

Step onto the stage in the confidence that God has called you to this moment.

Stage presence is a combination of how you use your voice,  facial expressions and body language to connect & engage with your audience.

The first moments are stage are key to connecting with your audience.   Listen to Episode 31: Creating an Irresistible Opening for these tips.

Move with purpose — use your movements to emphasize & underscore your message.  Don’t roam or pace the stage.  You can step closer to your audience to make a strong point.  Lean in.
Smile — engage with your audience by making eye contact.  Look at each section of the room.

Practice your message — this enables you to sound confident.  Practice until you know your message inside and out, backward and forward.   When you know your message this well you can focus more on the audience and less on what is your next point.

Confidence — knowing your message allows you to be confident in your delivery — and when this comes together, your face reflects this assurance.  You look and sound like the expert you are.
Check out Episode 10: Calling over Confidence for more on this.

Having great stage presence comes with skill and practice.  You have a message to share — one God has given you.  Practicing how to have capture and hold your audience is key to connecting with the audience and sharing your message.

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