How to Get Booked as a Speaker – Part 2

Feb 8, 2021

Getting Booked as a Speaker – Part 2

Last week we started the process on getting booked – this week we are continuing the work needed to get booked.

You’ve identified who handles booking the events. Now it’s time to connect.  If you have the phone number, let’s make the call. 

It is likely you're going to end up in their voicemail box and that's okay.  That inbox allows them to hear your voice and gauge how you communicate.  Consider this a mini-interview.  Make it short, to the point and remember to focus on the audience and how your message benefits that audience.

<Listen in to hear the sample voice mail message – at 3:12)

After the phone call comes the email — if the phone call was your first interview, the email is the written part of the test. 

In the email, mention your voicemail (or conversation) and you share your message and how that message serves her audience  – and a link to a video with you presenting a portion of this message.  This video is 2-3 minutes max.  This could be your amazing opening or possible a short section in the middle.  Make sure it showcases your speaking style in the best way.

This video doesn’t have to be recorded at a live event – we all know that live events have not been happening for a year.  You can record it in your home – find a good spot with great lighting and record away. Make sure you look and sound like the pro you are. 

Next week we  are diving into the speaker one sheet – this can be a true PDF that you just keep on your computer or it can be both PDF and a page on your website

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