How to Get Booked as a Speaker — Part 1

Feb 1, 2021

Where do you want to speak? I know, it's a question that we, as speakers, often forgot to ask this question.

We wait until we're asked to speak.

You are a speaker with a God-given message and you have to let the event planners know you are available and ready to share with their audience.

So where do  you want to speak?  What are the events, retreats or conferences you would like to speak at?  Once you've identified the where you want to speak, it's time to find out who books the speakers.

Put on your detective hat and get to work. It may be as easy and calling up the host church and asking or it may take some research to figure it out.

Google, Facebook events and Instagram are great places to start. Put in the event name and a year – -like this “Pink Impact 2017.” You can find groups, events and pages — dive in and see what you can learn. Once you've identified the where and the who, it's time to connect the dots.

Do your best to get on the phone with the event planner or an admin for the event or the church. Ask questions, find out who attends, learn about past speakers, and create a connection.

Next week we go to Part 2 — Showcasing your talent as a speaker.

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    Haha! I LOVED Nancy Drew and this was a great episode! Bravo!