So — how do you like the new look? I sort of made it myself — let me explain how I got to this.

I’ve looked and studied other blogs. I knew that I wanted a customized blog and I found a great designer. She sends me the questionnaire and now I’m struggling. The answers to these questions will determine the look of my blog — and I want the blog to reflect me, right?
Okay, maybe not. If this is the case, then my blog will stacks of books, dust rabbits (mine have matured way beyond the bunny stage), cups of coffee, and a map (unfolded, since I never can figure out how to read those things ).

I decided that the blog should represent my personality more than my character flaws — so what is my personality? Outgoing, talkative, caring, fun, and dependable. Now, how does a blog “say” that?

The designer asks a number of great questions about color and form and all that other designer style stuff and then she asks: In two words, describe how you want your blog to look? TWO WORDS?! Maybe two paragraphs…. so I’m stuck. Here’s what I want to put.

I want this blog to reflect my fun and caring nature, but not in a frivilous manner. I want to show that I love the Lord and am humbled to be His servant, but I don’t want to come off stuffy or too buttoned-up. I want to show that I love retro, but that I’m not old enough to remember most of what I enjoy (I said most!) I want this blog to showcase my love for leading women and my gift for speaking to groups. And I want to do all of this with just colors, fonts and some graphics.

Hmm, I think I understand why the designer limits this to only two words. So, here I am —stuck.

I want something that has that late 1950s – early 1960s retro look, but I don’t want it to look too silly. I want something that will catch your eye, but not be so overwhelming your head is spinning from the glittery graphics and scrolling bars. I want a blog that’s simple, but fun. Easy? probably not. So, here I sit with an incomplete questionnaire. I did find some blogs that I liked — kind of liked. Nothing that really spoke to me.

So, I put the questionnaire aside and thought — I can do this. I can create my own custom blog. I’m pretty computer savvy. I have Adobe Photoshop. Guess what? Even with Abode Photoshop, I can’t! I did the next best thing.

I download a free template from the same designer! Thank you! I also downloaded the header and customized it. I like it, for now. It’s not exactly what I’m looking for, but that will come. Any ideas? Suggestions? Blogs you like? Colors? What speaks to you? Responses are great and helpful, even if you don’t have any blog style info.

Continuing on my customized blog quest……