“Mom, there’s water in my room.” Not the words I wanted to hear. My first thought – the basement is flooded. My furniture!
Fortunately for the furniture it was only flooding around the boat — I’m sure there’s a metaphor in this or maybe an analogy. I never get those right.

Moving on. The boat is in the flooded part of the basement along with the water heater. I started to write HOT water heater – but isn’t HOT implied in the heater part? I deduced that the water heater was history by the pool of warm water surrounding it.  I know, amazing that I figured it out.

Paige and I  spent the evening draining the tank, sucking up water and moving fans around.  Exciting, I know.  V was at work, so he missed out on all the waterworld adventures.  Poor guy.

No hot water.  None.  Not a drop.  Not even warm, just cold.  Very cold.  Thank goodness I’d taken a shower just before the death of the water heater. 

I washed dishes by heating water on the stove — just call me Laura Ingalls.   Other than that, it was cold water for everything.  Hair, face, you name it.  Cold water.

Monday, a holiday, I might add, we headed out to get a new water heater.  Just what I wanted.  I was jumping with excitement. No. I wasn’t.  I hate spending money on silly stuff like water heaters.  Just think of all the cute clothes I could’ve bought with that money.  Or sandals.  purses.  I could go on, but I’m just making myself sad.

 I figured you just put the thing in and attached some hoses.  Apparently there is much more to this water heater installation.   In fact, there were parts that involved a torch.    I didn’t get to do those parts.  I did the ‘hold the light’ stuff and the occasional ‘hand me the pliers, screwdriver, or icky stuff.’  I think I would be great with the torch thingie, but V just wasn’t so sure. 



After a couple of bumps in the roads (aka leaks) he got it all set up and we had hot water again. 


Life is good.