My book, Girlfriends, God, and Grace: How to Have a Great Girlfriend Adventure is now homeless since the publisher canceled the book last week.  Strangely, the book is up on Amazon.  I’m sure that it will be gone soon enough. 

So here I sit with a book without a publisher when darling baby girl asked if she can take in a friend’s unwanted pet.  I’m thinking “no more dogs and no cats.”  Oh no, this is a eight-legged furry thing — a tarantula!


In some moment of weakness or possibly it’s the medication I’m on for my separated shoulder (FYI: you really shouldn’t toss a case of Wal-Mart water up on your shoulder).  Whatever the reason, we’re now home to some big ol’ furry spider… YUCK!  But I felt sorry for the spider — I’m just super sensitive to rejection today and I thought I’d let him come and live here.  (Note to self: don’t make major pet decisions while taking any medication or after a rejection). 

We’re working on a tagline for our home.  Here are a few I’m considering:

The Snyder home — a place for unloved pets and orphaned books

The Snyder home — a place for animals that you keep in cages but aren’t really pets, and unloved books

The Snyder home — the adventure continues…..

I think I’m voting for number three! 

Off to learn more about the habitat of a wayward spider…. where’s the Raid?