This is it — the perfect scripture for her.  

I should just send this to her.  Maybe then she’ll see how wrong she really is! 

I was scanning my Bible seeking out the PERFECT verse to share with the girl who hurt my feelings.  I needed her to KNOW just how much God didn’t like what she did to me.

This wasn’t the first time I’d searched the Word of God to prove myself right — and to prove the other person wrong.   But I certainly hope it’s my last time.

While flipping those pages, it hit me — this is God’s HOLY WORD.  It’s God-breathed.

The Bible is not my personal billy club.   It’s John1:1 — In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

When I read the Word of God, it’s personal to me and for me.  The Holy Spirit allows me to understand the words on the pages.   Jesus died to give me this privilege.

Each scripture has a message and a meaning for me.  Each word is from the Lord and for me.  Even those LONG, LONG lists of begats — you know the ones.  Some long Bible name I can’t pronounce begot another long name,

who then begat Lionelle, who fathered 459 children by 308 wives

His son, Beziellequeel, lived to be 342 years and took 45 wives….

(Disclaimer — none of the above appears in any Bible, as I mentioned, I’m NOT a Bible scholar)

So I closed my Bible, I  prayed the Lord would give me wisdom and the strength to forgive the friend who hurt me.  And I asked God to open her Bible to some verses that just might get her attention.  (I’m a work in progress)