Hi all — I need a little help… okay, I need lots of help, but  today I just need some very specific help.  I’m changing this website around a little and adding more about getaways and gatherings for girlfriends.  

My plan is to have info on different conferences and events around the country, along with getaway ideas for girlfriend groups.  And of course, the blog, ’cause I wouldn’t want to give up sharing my stellar insights with my Internet chicks.

Now, here’s where I need a little help — I want to rename the site from Joy Filled living (although that continues to be important) to Girlfriends Gatherings and Getaways.  I have some ideas for taglines (the line the explains the purpose of the site).

Now, the purpose of this site, other than a spot for me to sound off, is to share these events and to let people know that I’m a speaker (and also to talk about the book … when it finds a new publisher home).

Here are a couple:

  Faith, adventure and friendship…it’s all in the journey! (does this explain the purpose of the site?)

Faith and friendship — it’s always an adventure! (does this explain the purpose of the site)

Bringing a message of Faith and Friendship (sounds kinda tired)

Friendship and Faith — a message of Adventure

Friendship and Faith wrapped up in Adventure and Fun

Here’s a pic of the site (which is still in progress)

HELP!  Ideas?