Hello!  I’m back… well, I say that and then I drift away again.  But this time it’s different, at least that’s my plan, but then I never planned to drift away it just happened.

I’ve not updated this blog in a long time, but life is started to find a pace that I can manage.  It’s a pace that I can track with and not lose all my brain cells.

It’s been a crazy few months.  I had a book deadline in December that I couldn’t make happen.  It was hard to ask for an extension, but it’s the BEST thing I could do.  I asked.  My gracious and ever so kind editor granted me 6 additional weeks.  I needed every moment of those.

My Dad got really ill and was in ICU for days and he passed away on November 22nd.  It was hard.  I truly didn’t know what to do.  I just held on tight to Jesus.  I didn’t talk to people.  I didn’t tell people.  I just turned my grief inward and I wrote.  I didn’t edit, I didn’t care.  Life is too precious.  I just wrote my heart out and I let Jesus lead — I didn’t second guess the process.

Losing Dad was something I thought I was ready for — see he’d been sick for quite some time.  I thought I’d prepared my heart, but that’s just not the case.  I miss Daddy, he loved a good argument and I loved to give him one.  He lived a long and interesting life.  He had stories to tell, I just wish I had a few more years to hear some more of those stories.

As I grieved losing Dad, I still had the obligation to work and writing.  I knew there was no way I could manage this book alone — I prayed and God was clear — ask Melinda and Karen to write with you.  I did and they said yes.  They are ROCK STARS.  I gave them just a concept, a vague outline and said “PLEASE help me.”   They rose to the challenge.  Melinda delivered some amazing devotionals — and if you don’t read Melinda’s daily blog you are missing out on something great!  So start reading it today.  Karen jumped in with both feet and took over two weeks of Bible study material.  Karen is an incredible bible teacher and speaker — if you’re looking for a woman to bring you the WORD of GOD, call on Karen!

January 15th we turned in a manuscript that defies all the odds — written in 6 weeks, written by three women who never truly consulted each other, but did cling to God.  It’s something I’m so proud of — not because of my skills, goodness no!  I’m proud because I just got out of the way and let the Lord work through me.  I’m proud because my two BEST friends came alongside me.  I’m proud because I know this is from Jesus and not me.  I’m just humbled that He would choose to use a mess like me.

I’ll share more about this book, actually Bible Study, as it gets closer to publication time.

I’m just glad to be back — get ready for some serious discussions about riveting topics like — should I cute my hair now that I’m 50?  Can I wear skinny jeans even if I’m FAR from skinny?  What happened to regular network programming — September through May?

I know it sounds like some amazing stuff, doesn’t it?

Glad to be back here!