I just love the Fall or Autumn… whichever you chose to call it. I love the cooler temperatures, the falling leaves that crunch under my feet, and I love the fall holidays… okay, mostly I just love Thanksgiving.  It has the best food.

It seems strange that November is here.  Didn’t we just get this year rolling a couple of months ago.  And on that note, we are heading into 2010.  How do you say it?

Is it  Two thousand and ten or Two thousand ten or  just Twenty-Ten?  I’m going with Twenty Ten.  I like that – short, sweet and not much to toss out.

I never did get the 0s down — like Two thousand nine or Two thousand eight.  I really have missed the nineteens these past many years.  They were easy to say – Nineteen Eighty-One.  No worries, no concerns, no alternatives.  Well, I guess you could have said One thousand nine hundred eighty-one… but that would have sounded…. well just strange.

So now that we’ve muddled through the random that is my brain.  Welcome to a tiny bit of my world and the things that perplex me.

What is your favorite part of Fall … oh, and how do you say 2010?