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December 20th!  Only four more days until Christmas day.  I’m traveling today — after a week in the sun, I’m heading home to family and fun.   It’s an odd time to take a friend vacation, but it worked for me and my girlfriends.  Crazy timing, but what a blessing.  I’ve spent the last seven days NOT focusing on the crazy of the season, but on the blessings of Christ.

This life in Christ is incredible, amazing and so overwhelming.  To think we GET TO live out this life in Him is almost more than I can imagine.

So grasp onto the GET TO and cling to the promise of Christ that HE came so we could have life, and not just any ol’ life but an ABUNDANT life!


What a BLAST I’ve had being with you for the past five days!  I hope you’re listening a little closer for the Holy.  I hope you’ve slowed down just a bit and have taken time to rest in the joy that is in Jesus!