Today is February 14, 2010 – Valentine’s day.  It’s a day that once held SUCH great meaning for me — sweetheart’s day.

I remember the angst of NOT having a boyfriend on Valentine’s day.  Oh, the agony that no one would give me a cute stuffed animal and a box of candy.  As I grew older the stuffed animal turned to roses and the box candy …. well, it stayed the same.  But the angst was still there.  I NEEDED to have a boyfriend on Valentine’s day, if ONLY for that one day.

It is the day made for sweethearts.  The day for love.  The day of hearts.

Oh, if only I’d known what the Lord had in store for me.  Maybe I would have waited more patiently.  Maybe those solitary Valentine’s days wouldn’t have seemed so lonely.

If only I could have looked ahead to see the man who would come into my life, maybe Valentine’s day would have been like a ‘coming attractions’ instead of all whine-fest.

I’ve had my sweetheart for a lot of years now.   He’s the love of my life on February 14 and all the other days of the year.  When I look at all the cards, the candy, the roses and those cute stuffed animals, I remember a girl who so desired to have a ‘boyfriend’ on Valentine’s day — and she got her wish.

Happy Valentine’s day (and if you’re still waiting on your ‘boyfriend’ consider this season your ‘coming attractions’)