Today is February 14th – Valentine’s Day. The day I loved / hated for years.. I couldn’t wait to see if some miraculous secret admirer would drop a couple of dozen roses on my doorstep – or better yet, have them delivered to me by singing telegram. I always wanted a spectacular event for Valentine’s Day – something flashy and attention grabbing. I didn’t get it.

I married a man who loves me dearly, but he doesn’t do flashy. Not his style. He’s understated, I’m the flashy one. He’s salt of the earth, I’m glitzy. He’s practical and down to earth, I’m a dreamer always looking for an adventure. We are opposite in so many ways. But our marriage works. For Valentine’s Day, we agreed no presents. We are heading to the Smoky Mountains for a week long getaway in a few weeks – that’s our present to each other. Time together – just the two of us. I’ll write and he’ll study God’s word. We’ll spend time together. I realize how truly blessed I am to have a husband who loves being with me. He wants to spend time with me. And I want to be with him.

He knows how to make me laugh and he knows how to make me smile. He listens to my ridiculous rants on all sorts of subjects and he’s my biggest champion in all that I do. He loves me without measure – I have no doubt in this.

I’ll do without the roses and the candy (I don’t need those calories). I won’t look for the singing telegram or a skywriter. But I’ll rest in knowledge that my husband loves me –even though he didn’t send a guy dressed in a gorilla suit to sing it to me.

I wish for each of you this same kind of love.