Oh wow!  It’s four days past my official ONE YEAR Blogging Anniversary – I meant to throw this big ol’ bloggin’ party and all y’all were invited!! 

I planned to bring in some big name speakers, authors and a  couple of really cool live bands.  Okay, I didn’t plan to do any of that, but I did at least want to mention that I’d made it a whole year! 

Me.  The one who is still working on the kitchen remodel I started in 2006 – I don’t want to rush into anything. 

 So, it’s been a year and four days since I began the blogging thing and I have to tell you.  This is a blast.  It’s been a blessing and a bit of a challenge – like when the book was cancelled and I thought …. geez, now I have to slink over to that dang blog and tell all my Internet chickies that this book is just not happening.  Humbling.  And maybe that’s the point for me.  I need that humbling from time to time – okay, sometimes if more often than that. 

 I must say that the sweet support I’ve gotten from y’all has been great!  The words of encouragement are wonderful and were much needed in the days just after I learned about the cancelation.  I’m much better these days and excited about where the Lord is taking me.  I can’t wait to see where this road leads. 

 And I’m so blessed to be traveling it with all of you!  Y’all are just the best Internet chicks around (and guys, for those who pop in from time to time).


Have a great Today!