It truly seems like just a few short years ago, but it was fifteen years ago. On March 9, 1993 Paige was born – it was 9:30am when she popped into this world and life has never been the same. Paige came into this world with a determination and a drive that continues to baffle me. She is tenacious about what she wants and she doesn’t give up. That’s how she got us to agree to the spear in her ear –she just wore us down.

Paige has such poise, something I’ve never had. She just seems comfortable in her own skin – and that is a rare quality and something that took me over 40 years to obtain. Even as a baby, she had a confidence that was almost frightening. She would head off on an adventure (across the yard or through a department store) without a backward glance. And she still does that today, heads off without a backward glance.

Today Paige turns 15 without a backward glance at 14, and she is ready for independence – without a backward glance. Does she do this because she knows we stand behind her and the Lord stands with her? I certainly hope so. But I wish she would just glance backward, not a long look, but just a quick over-the-shoulder glance. It would do this mother’s heart good.

She is my baby, but she’s growing up. She’s also one of my favorite people – she has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh, but she also has an amazing sense of justice and believes in people doing the right thing. She is fun to be around and is a true joy to talk with. I love spending time with her and I know that she will soon be off on her independent adventure of life. I want to hold onto her just a little longer. I know I have a few more years, but I know they won’t be enough. I will let her go and I will trust God gives her the wisdom and discernment to make good choices.

I don’t know what her future holds. But I know who holds her in the palm of His hand and I trust that He will care for her far better than we ever could. I’m just glad she’s my daughter and here with us, at least for a little while longer.