If you’ve been around here you’ve heard me talk about the upcoming Route 66 Road Trip  in April — and I cannot believe it’s only 70 days away!

70 D A Y S!

What started out as a fun trip with some book stuff has now morphed into an amazing God adventure in faith!

When this whole thing started I decided I would reach out to churches in the areas we are traveling through.   I tried that and I failed.  It felt too much like “Hey look at me, I have a book.  Please let me come and tell your women all about me and my book.”   I didn’t want to come across that way.  I want to meet women right where they are — and here their stories.  I want to share what God is teaching me through this walk of faith.   I don’t want to SELL myself, I just want to have conversations out there on the road.

So I started panicking — oh Lord, how is this going to work?  Where do we start?  How can I afford it if NO ONE wants me?  What will I do?  How will I do it?  And what if NO ONE SHOWS UP at all?  

After the panic attack I did what any Jesus loving girl would do… I emailed all my girlfriends and whined.  And they emailed back and wrote “Get OVER YOURSELF!”  Well, they used a few more words, but the meaning was there.  So, I did just that — got over myself and starting praying… A LOT!

It started coming together — and I LOVE how the Lord works things out .

First, I get a request from Oklahoma  — the VERY FIRST STOP on the trip!  (Don’t miss that the Lord answered the ‘Where do we start?’ )

I’ll be a breakout speaker at the Oklahoma Baptist Ladies Retreat !  God provided a starting point!  And not just any starting point, but one with a keynote speaker who is a sweet friend, Angela Thomas.(and endorsed my book!  Thank you Angela!!)

As I’ve prayed, processed and panicked my way through this adventure I’ve realized that God is teaching me to trust His calling on my life — even when it isn’t comfortable and even when it may look a little crazy.

The road trip is about meeting women out there — on the road.  It’s about linking arms and sharing stories.  It’s about laughter and tears and joy and heartache.  It’s about coming together for a precious few moments, hours or days and glorifying God with our lives.

We are putting together Faith Pit Stops.  You’ll find me and some of my girlfriends there and I hope to see lots of you.   I’m asking local churches to join us and meet the women from the community.


We’ll be in Davis, Oklahoma April 13 and 14th and then it’s out there on the open road.

As I put more stops in place, I’ll keep you posted.

You can read more about the trip HERE. 

If you would like to suggest a place for us to have a Faith Pit Stop — just comment and let me know.