I’m trying to embrace this going green thing.  I don’t want to lose anymore trees than absolutely necessary so I’m looking at where I can cut back.  I think I’ve stumbled onto something I can give up. 

The tithe envelope

I admit it — I don’t always use the tithe envelopes.  Okay, here’s the truth — I rarely use them. 

 It’s not that I intentionally overlook these ….’tools of giving,’ it’s just something I don’t really understand. 

 I’m sure there was a time when tithe envelopes made lots of sense.  Of course, there was also a time that a hitching post in front of the church made sense.  

 And why are the envelopes so small?  You can’t even mail a letter in them.  Don’t ask how I know that.  I just do.

 We do make our tithe we just don’t use the little envelopes.  It must be okay, No one’s called to say I need to get down to the church and bring my little envelopes – I think we’re safe.

 But the guilt still gets to me.  I feel bad when I look in my little envelope of envelopes (our church send us a envelope filled with tithe envelopes each quarter) that it’s almost full and another envelope of envelopes has just arrived.  

 I don’t want to throw them away – but they’re dated.  How can one use the wrong dated envelope?  I’m sure that’s worse than no envelope at all.  Just think of the mass confusion amongst the money counters. 

“Oh my stars, we have a tithe from last month – just look at this date!” 


“Oh no!  This is a tithe for next month – guess we’ll just have to hang onto it until then!”

 For the sake of recycling, I give you some tithe envelopes uses:

  • grocery list (just don’t write it during church), and for the frugal shoppers,  tuck coupons inside
  • make a snazzy (but small) cap  — don’t believe me, try it
  • lipstick blotter
  • used gum holder
  •  drawing paper for an antsy preschooler (or adult)
  • add quarters and use it to bribe a little one (add bills to bribe a teen)
  • open back flap, draw some eyes and you have an odd looking face
  • fold in half, insert thumb and forefinger – you have a little paper puppet
  • earring holder
  • old school texting (aka –write a note to your friend and pass it)

   Do you have any ideas on what we can do with all those left over tithe envelopes?