I love planing a road trip — from picking the dates to mapping out the route. I love the research and oh my, how the internet makes it so MUCH MORE FUN with reviews.  Oh, how I love a good review not the ‘it was great, we had a fine time’ review, I’m talking about the  one written by the person who apparently has some OCD tendencies.  You know the kind – they write about everything from the reservation desk to the soap dispenser.  Not one thing goes un-reviewed.  These are the things I spend hours reading– yes, I know it’s a sickness.

The excessive review reading goes hand-in-hand with the HOURS of obsessing over every tiny detail.

I think the planning feeds my desire to control EVERY SINGLE thing around me. If I plan enough, prepare enough, know enough, then I can insure the outcome is what I want it to be.  Of course it doesn’t work this way.   I’ve learned (and am still learning) to hold my plans loosely.  The whole  “best laid plans” and all.  I’ve learned to embrace the adventure, but the one thing I continue to cling to is the destination.

I may not know the HOW of where I’m heading, but I do love to know WHERE I’ll end up.

I’m learning to give up the destination.  When the Lord calls us to an adventure He doesn’t always share the destination.  He gives us His Word to guide us and the Holy Spirit to lead us.  But we have to trust Him and embrace the adventure.

We have to step up and step into His will without knowing where we are headed

The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.  Ps 119:130

I love this verse — the ‘unfolding’  speaks volumes to me. I can see His hand slowly revealing His will in my life.

The ‘understanding’ is something I long for — I want to ‘get’ it and know what the adventure is all about.

And I am ‘the simple.’

I’m learning to LOVE the adventure and leave the destination to Him.

I trust His love for me.