If you’ve popped over from Internet Cafe Devotionals — welcome aboard. You’ve come along just in time for an exciting announcement. If you’ve not visited the Internet Cafe, check out my devotional over there today

Wow!  God is way too cool for words!  I’ve just been chomping at the bit (or is it champing), either way I’ve just been itching to tell my bloggys (that’s what I call all my blog friends – kinda cool, huh?  You all have your own name) this news. 

 I’m the official Premier Christian Cruises Girl’s Get-A-Way cruise blogger!  How much fun is this?!  I’m just so incredibly humbled that the Lord takes this frazzled,  organizationally-challenged,  mess of a person and uses me in such ways.  In case you haven’t  noticed I think blogging is a blast – sort of like wearing your underwear on the outside of your clothes – well, maybe not that wild, but sort of wild.  It’s fun for me and such a great way to blow off creative steam – or pressure or whatever it is that builds up in my brain. 

 So, if you don’t know about the Girl’s Get-A-Way cruise let me tell you a little about it.  This is a Christian women’s cruise and it’s a blast.  There are some incredible speakers – Angela Thomas, Karen Kingsbury, and Lysa TerKeurst and that’s just a few.   Some amazing musicians — Big Daddy Weave and Shane and Shane, to name only two out of an amazing line-up.  

 Jump on over to Premier Christian Cruise Girl’s Get-A-Way blog and check out the line up!  You’ll find the line up by looking at the ‘Cruising With Us’ list. 

So, I’m blogging for the cruise, interviewing the artists, and having more fun than should be possible.  I’m also going on the cruise!  Did I mention that part?  I get to go on the cruise as the blogger!  I’ll be tooling around the deck with my lap top just blogging away.

I want everyone to pop over and visit this new blog site!  Check it out — book a cabin, there are just a few left so grab one now. 

Okay — so I have the cruise coming up in February.  When this first happened I thought — okay, I’ll take my daughters.  Easy, simple and I don’t have to pick just one friend to come along.  That plan worked until I found out that Paige’s school pageant is on the same weekend, then poof!  There goes that plan.  At first, I started to just chuck it all, but she talked me out of it and my other sweet daughter is staying behind to be surrogate pageant Mom (and she’s a much better at the whole pageant thing).

Now, I’m in a dilemma — I want to take everyone.  All my girlfriends, old ones  and new ones — and even in-between ones. But I can’t.  Well, I could, but that would cost a fortune, etc. and all that jazz.   I decided to narrow it down to the original six — the ones who’re the catalyst behind Girlfriends, God, and Grace.  Since I’m one of the six, that takes it down to five. Suzi can’t go because of her dizziness.  Connie A will be getting off the ship on Monday — the same ship we’ll sail out on Thursday.  So that’s just four of us — I don’t see why that can’t work.  I’m praying it through and let God be in control.

So jump over to Girl’s GetAway Cruise blog and check it out!