What an AMAZING weekend I had!
I was blessed to speak to a group of wonderful ladies for a retreat at  Josephine Baptist Church. These women certainly know how to show a girl a good time and their love for the Lord is so apparent in their lives. They just ooze sweet Jesus stuff all over the place.

They blessed me and my daughters with some INCREDIBLE food, a beautiful guest home, sweet gifts (and some were even polka dotted!) and lots of laughs and love.  The gifts they gave me include an INCREDIBLE signed copy of Lucy Buffet’s cookbook!  I was just blown away by this and all the other blessings they honored me with.  The best gift of all was the joy of their friendship.  I feel as if I walked away from that event with a whole group of new girlfriends! 

We laughed, we danced (yes, you read that right!  Renee and I danced at Lulu’s!! ), we ate, we praised the Lord and we shared.  It was a blessing and a blast! 

And for because pictures speak so loudly — here are just a handful. 

The theme of the retreat was Girlfriends of Grace and I was made an honorary ‘Boa Babe’ for this event. 

Melodie presenting me with the ‘official’ boa babe pink boa!  I love my pink boa and it holds a place of honor in my office.

I used that boa in all manner of ways — I loved on that thing until the feathers were everywhere!  I think this is me imitating John Travolta in Saturday Night Live (don’t you want me to come and speak at your next event?  I’m really good with the dancing theme…. )



Me and the Women’s Ministry team!  What a gorgeous and FUN bunch of godly women!  I want to move to Josephine! 




Me & Teresa — Hostess Extraordinaire!  And the leader of this wonderful band of ladies! 




Renee & Brenda showing off Teresa’s artwork — which is a fun picture of the boa babes and their various hats! 



Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a part of these women’s lives for this past weekend.  They blessed me beyond measure!!

I’m in awe that the Lord called me to speak to women about His goodness, His grace and His power!  It’s days like this that send me to my knees in thankfulness!  I’m so unworthy of this call on my life and so honored to be called by Him.