I’m so very blessed to be speaking at Girlfriends of Grace on April 25!  I’m so excited about being there.  It’s going to be one incredible day — and not because of me.  Oh no.  Because of Him!  I’m just awestruck to be in His service.   I’m humbled to just be a tiny part of His big plan for this event.   I’m ready to sing and shout to Him — but before I run off and do that, let me share a wonderful happening with you. 

I’ve been praying over this event.  Asking God to prepare hearts and to allow us to reach those who need this word from Him.   Also, I’m praying for the event planners (that’s a tough job)  and asking God to pour His grace over their hearts and give them the strength and wisdom they need for this task.   

God just laid it on my heart to ask the planners if I could put this on my site.  I asked.  They said yes!   They thought it was a great idea!  I love the heart of these women and can’t wait to be with them in person! 

 So, here is the info.  

Girlfriends of Grace

Apri 25 – 8:30 — 1:30pm

Josephine Baptist Church (which is in the Orange Beach, Alabama area)

Cost: $20


I would LOVE to see some of my bloggy land friends there!  How cool is that?!  So, if you live in the area and can make it, let me know.  I’m doing a piece on the blessings of bloggy land  and I would love to talk to you about it.  I promise I won’t call attention to you — unless you’re okay with that and if you are…. oh my, we’ll have a big ol’ time. 

Hope to see you there — did I mention that this is NEAR the beach!!