I leave Monday for my Walk to Emmaus experience. I don’t have a clue what to expect and trust me, I’ve tried to find out. I’ve goggled and asked — and I’ve learned a little, but I’m still unsure what will happen. This is what I do know:

Walk to Emmaus is based on Luke 24:13-35 – Jesus meets two men on the road to Emmaus, walks and talks with them and later, while in their home, reveals Himself to them. A simplistic view of this important scripture, but I encourage you to read it.

I’ve also learned a few other things about this three day retreat:

No cell phone – this sounds good on the surface until I need to tell my girls something or say hello to my sweet husband. I can’t imagine not talking to Vaughn for three days! That’s such a long time and I will truly miss hearing his voice, sharing my day with him, and just generally living life with him.

No watch – yikes! I need to know what time it is so I know how much longer until what happens next. I’m a consummate clock watcher – I think it’s a control thing.

No schedule – this is a tough one. I’m sure that someone has a schedule, but it won’t be me. I just want to know what’s coming next so I can be ready. Sounds like another control thing.

No computer – hmm, no email. Good? Bad? Probably somewhere in the middle. I’m an email addict – there, I admitted it! I need three days without email – I don’t want it, but I need it. Three full days without email offers to make me a gozillionaire, a size 4, or amazing success (at what? I can’t quite figure that one out.) So, no computer is probably a good thing.

These things – cell phone, watch, schedule, and computer – are my security blankets. These things make me feel like I’m in control. This is what I’ve figured out on my own. I don’t need to know everything; I just need to experience this. I need to sit back and relax. I need to realize that I don’t have control – of anything, even when I have a cell phone, watch, schedule and a computer. I don’t have control – it’s all an illusion. God is in control! He always has been and always will be. Whether I’m on the Emmaus Walk or just walking through life – God controls all.

So, I’m packing my suitcase for three days without all my little security blankets and praying for God’s will in my life. I pray that God will use this three day experience to draw me closer to Him and to make me more aware of His will for my life.