Welcome to the FIRST Getaway Monday!   Every Monday I’ll have a new getaway idea.  Some of the ideas will be events, conferences, or gatherings — you know the kind, great music, great speakers and great fellowship! 

There will also be getaways that are just you and the girlfriends heading out to have fun at the beach, mountains, theme parks and more!

So let’s get rolling.  Our first getaway is Thelma Wells’ Ready to Win Cruise — sailing June 13-18, 2009 from Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

The line up for this cruise is amazing!  Just take a look:

Thelma Wells, Babbie Mason, Ellie Kay, Allison Bottke, Dana Demetre, Penny Crosson, Marcia Ramsland, Gail Hayes, Ph.D, Joanna Faillace, Lisa Pierre

This incredible group of women will be leading workshops, leading worship and sharing their hearts. 

There’s only ONE catch!  You have to sign up SOON – by April 1st.

I love cruising and this will be a great cruise.  Five days cruising out of Ft. Lauderdale in June!    There is something so precious about being with a group of Christian women on a cruise.  Relationships will begin and others will be strengthened.  Laughter will fill the halls and the decks of the ship.  Prayers will be lifted up and God will be glorified. 

If you have a getaway suggestion or idea, just drop me an email at Mary AT MaryRSnyder.com.  I love suggestions!!

Have a wonderful Monday.