I’m so excited about speaking at Get Revived Next week!!  I just clicked over to the conference site and saw an addition to the lineup – Kelly Minter!  Okay, y’all have to come.  Kelly is the author of No Other Gods and Ruth: Loss, Love, and Legacy and she’s a tremendously talented musician and singer!  The girl is amazing!

But along with Kelly, there’s Lisa McKay, the Preacher’s Wife, Tiffany Stuart, Tea with Tiffany, Lisa Shaw….. before I forget someone, go look at  the list – speakers.

Amazing speakers and incredible fun (the chat option is always hopping) AND you can do it all in the comfort of your own home!  5DAYS of speakers!! All for only $12.95!

Just looked at the schedule … I’m kicking it off Monday morning at 8:30am Central time.  And I’m a little nervous!  There’s such an incredible lineup of speakers and I’m the first one!
I’m going to need some support!!  Y’all come on over!

Here are all the details:

March 15th-19th, 2010 – only one week left to register!
Register Today for 12.95!
This conference is all about giving you a spiritual dose of adrenaline because we all need it sometimes.

This event’s speaker line-up is phenomena (Get Revived Speakers)l. These are some great women of God, humble enough to serve and strong enough to stand up and proclaim His word to all who are in need of hearing it. This conference is for any woman in need of revival in her spirit.
What you can expect for $12.95:
* Live sessions, entirely online, with some of the Christian community’s most popular speakers and authors.
* Ability to download all of the MP3’s from all the sessions, as well as handouts, chat logs, and presentations.
* Participation in real-time question and answer sessions with all of your favorite speakers.
* Lots of downloadable swag as well as entries to win some great prizes!
* Fellowship: make some new life-long friends and experience some fun and fellowship.

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