It all started with this book by Michael Hyatt, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World…. okay, not really.  The story GOES way back.

I love making people laugh.  I’ve always loved it.   I think it’s part of that middle child, look at me, syndrome.  As I grew up and got all serious and stuff, I stopped the humor.  I didn’t stop altogether, but  I tried.  Sadly funny needs a place to go and it would pop up at the most inappropriate moments like at the girl-parts doctor or a funeral.

Finally, I gave up on being all serious and stuff and gave into the funny.   I just let go and starting being me– an off kilter, slightly frazzled and  highly disorganized mess. To use a current popular term —  authentic.  To use an Alabama phrase — ‘what ya see, is what ya get.’   This is about the time the Lord spoke to me (well not audibly or anything because it’s not like I’m Moses and getting ready to set God’s people free)  about speaking and teaching.   I thought how can I be ME and speak to women about Jesus.  No one will EVER take me seriously.  

But God is good and faithful.  I spent years  studying His Word and leading Bible study… and then I started speaking.  I tried really hard to be serious.  For the  most part I made it, but there was still the occasional slip into the inappropriate funny.  Apparently you are NOT supposed to make fun of anything faith related — who knew?  And then I realized that I was listening to people who had has many issues and hangups as I do.  I stopped listening to the negative people. I started  listening to God.  Funny is okay.  Funny is good.  Not the mean kind of funny that hurts people, just funny.  The quirky way of looking at life — that kind of funny.  It’s who I am.  It’s who God created me to be.

I share all this to tell you about my LEAP of faith —

I’m doing Open Mic night at the Stardome Comedy club THIS Friday night, June 1 at 7:30pm!  Crazy, I know.  I’ve never done this in my LIFE — and I’m terrified! Absolutely terrified!  But I trust God has a plan.  He opened this door and He has shined a light on this path.  I wish you could ALL come, but I know that’s not possible.  I’m only on stage for 5 minutes (which I’m sure will feel like FOREVER) but if you decide you want to come (there are about 10 other comics doing stand up & it’s clean comedy) you can CALL the Stardome at205-444-0008 and buy an Open Mic ticket (make sure to ask for those because it’s not the same as the main event ticket — it’s in a smaller room which makes me go ‘whew!’)

I’m excited, terrified and trusting Jesus!  I would love to hear about what God’s doing in your life!