I’m neck deep in WONDERFUL planning for the Great Girlfriend Adventure!  And if you’ve not seen some of the FUN stuff coming up, please take a moment and hop over here —->  Great Girlfriend Adventure  where you’ll find info on the April 3,2012 KICK off Party!  and the Road Trip Schedule.

The Lord has been so faithful and true to take me down a wild, winding, and sometimes bumpy road of friendships.  Much of my journey is in the book, God, Grace & Girlfriends, but each day  is another adventure on this Girlfriend Road!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be getting ready for the road trip and I’ll be sharing stories from my Girlfriend Road, tips on road tripping and just fun updates.   Also, there’s  the 14 day Adventure (in Faith) Guide.    I hope you’ll sign up for this — it’s 14 days of devotions leading up to the road trip.  You can sign up here.  

I hope you’ll hang around.

Story from my Girlfriend Road

I’d prayed for just one good girlfriend.  Someone who I could talk with, laugh with and just hang out.  God, in His infinite wisdom and amazing grace, sent me not just one girlfriend, but a whole passel of them. Some I connected with immediately and others took a bit longer, but before I knew it I was head first into this great big bunch of girlfriends. I invested my energy into these girls and I invested my heart into these relationships. At times I placed them above my family and other times I placed them above my Lord. I thought these relationships were my joy. I thought my life would be empty without these friends. I went from wanting some girlfriends to being a friendship addict. I found myself making decisions based on what this friend thought or that friend said. I was in trouble and I was in deep.

I hit rock bottom. I found myself in a place of deceit and manipulation, I cried out to God and he pulled me from this pit of my own making. God showed me my fellowship is in him first. And it‘s in Christ I find all my other relationships. What an eye-opening moment. I thought I had it all together. I truly love the Lord with all my heart, but it was in that broken moment I realized where I was placing my attention and devotion and it wasn‘t on Him, my Savior – but on them, my friends.

It was in this place of brokenness I learned the foundation of true friendship – in Christ. I must be grounded in my faith and my fellowship with Christ before I can be a friend to anyone. Here is the truth: my Lord and Savior comes before all in my life – He is the beyond the first priority, He is my priority. My wonderful husband, my darling children, and my friends are my priorities under my relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the truth I walk in today. If I don‘t place Christ before all and above all, I will jump, not fall, right back into that pit of self- destruction. HE is my all in all! And it‘s only in Christ that I have the strength to be a friend to anyone, because on my own accord, I‘m an insecure, envious, and not-so-very nice person. Praise God! He has saved me.


Join me (in person or online ) on the GREAT Girlfriend Adventure as I travel across the West meeting women, making new girlfriends, connecting with old friends, and praising God all the way!