Four birthdays in one week!  Who EVER thought this was a good idea?  Apparently me.

The second week of September is CRAZY for this household.  It starts with me on the 6th and then my man’s is on the 9th.  Charity, our oldest girl is on the 13th.  I’d long ago learned that having a birthday within a week of a daughter who announces her birthday month and calls her day the Birthday Extravaganza, means little birthday attention for me.

It never bothered me.  I loved having a birthday near my girl.  And then my girl got pregnant and was due in September — and Ben arrived on September 12th.  So now all of our birthdays are focused on this litte guy who stole our hearts when he arrived right in the midst of our birthday week.

But I’m gladly giving over my birthday week to this little guy.  He’s now a one year old boy — and all that implies.  He shakes his head to tell me no.   Smiles and waves hi at anyone in his line of vision.  He is a joy and such a blessing to all of us.


So four birthdays in a week — and really, he is the one we celebrate the most!!

Wouldn’t you?

See.  All boy!