X + Y = Faith

For much of my life I did my best to live by a formula faith.

I put together a mental list of items required for me to have faith.

I’ve never spoken this out loud — or really talked about it.  But I did it.

Silly?  Yes.  I wanted so much to fit in with those I determined were the faith – filled.

I just knew if I did it ALL right, I’d have that incredible faith I read about in God’s word.

Am I the only one who every really tried to find her faith by DOING all the right things?

And let me just apologize now for tossing around the word “take” as if I’m some video expert. Y’all I made this one on my iPad with a app called 8mm. I’m just thrilled I manage to get the video in only 21 tries.


Have you ever dealt with formula faith?

Grab onto the grace of God — and walk in the freedom of the salvation of Christ.