I LOVE to fly —  takeoff is my favorite part.

As soon as I hear those jet engines revving, I lean back in the seat, close my eyes and wait.  I wait for the inevitable race down the runway.  Pushed back in my seat by the speed, my heart beats a bit faster as the plane reaches the magic speed that allows it to go from rushing down the runway to soaring into the clouds. I wait for that moment when the wheels leave the runway and we’re flying. I love the sensation.

I don’t doubt we’re going to make it off the runway — I don’t doubt that we’ll climb high above the clouds.  I just lean back and trust that long, metal cylinder with wings.  I trust it to take me thousands of feet into the air.  I don’t understand how the whole air flight thing works — and yes, I know it’s lift and speed, yada, yada, — but I just trust  that it does work.  That’s enough for me.

And yes, I know that engines fail, pilots make mistakes, and airplanes fall from the sky. And still I pay money to take this ride.

If only I would lean back and trust God.  If only I would trust Him to take me from running on the ground to soaring above the clouds.  I know who He is and I trust His will for my life, but it’s the leaning back part that I can’t seem to master.  Instead of enjoying the ride, I want to understand the process.

I want to know why, where, how and when — and I want to know it all now.  I struggle to rest in Him because I want to control the destination –I want to know where we are going, why we are going this way, how we are getting there and when we’ll arrive.

But I want to soar with Him more than I want to know all the details, so I’m learning to lean back and enjoy the ride  because I know He has a great adventure for me, if only I’ll trust Him.  I’m walking out the Proverb:

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

It’s not  easy for me — the girl who loves to CONTROL everything, but it’s incredibly liberating.  I just take the next step and leave the rest up to Him.

What about you?  Are you leaning back and trusting God even when you don’t know where you’re headed?