I just adore flip-flop weather!  And I love wearing flip-flops on those flip-flop days!  And the choices we have!!  Wow!  (I’ve just used up my exclamation point quota for this post so you will need to just understand my enthusiasm without the aid of the exclamation point.  Good luck.)

Tuesday it was almost 80 degrees, warm and sunny.  And that means one thing to me — flip-flops.  I have them in every form and fashion.  From the bejeweled dressy ones to the simple rubber ones you can grab for just a couple of dollars.  

Wednesday my sweet bloggy and real life friend, Robyn told me her story of acrylic toenails! 

 In her honor, I bought not one, but two pair of new Yellow Box flip-flops because that’s the kind of friend I am.  I’ll just go that extra mile for you.

I just HEART Flip-Flops!  
I just HEART Flip-Flops!

My joy over my new flip-flops was met with some sadness when I found this:


A wayward single sandal — and not just any sandal, but a blue beaded joy of a sandal!  These sandals brought me so much happiness.  Loved wearing them and then poof!  one day I’m missing one.    I looked everywhere.  I held onto the single sandal for months  just hanging on to the hope of finding the mate…. no luck.  I finally gave up. 

Yesterday I was  shoving gently placing a game under in the storage spot (aka – under the couch)  and as I gently pushed the game in the space out pops the wayward sandal! 

Timing is everything.  Apparently mine was way off on these sandals.   And my housekeeping skillz are lacking, at least when it comes to cleaning under the couch.  But seriously, who looks under the couch? And I don’t think I want to hang around people who look under couches…. of course, one would have been handy in this past year.

If anyone has used for one really cute sz 8.5 blue beaded sandal, I’m your girl.